Professors David Yearsley and Annette Richards in Concert

This week's Midday Music for Organ offers a program titled "Bach vs. Handel," in which David Yearsley pits the composers' against each other in a battle of musical wit, virtuosity, and imagination (the program includes Bach's magnificent Prelude and Fugue in E-flat major, "St Anne"). The concert takes place this Wednesday, March 1 at 12:30PM in Anabel Taylor Chapel.

If Wednesday lunchtime isn't the best time for you, come along on Friday evening at 8:00PM, also to Anabel Taylor, where Annette Richards will play a program of largely 17th-century music. Composers include Buxtehude, Frescobaldi, Poglietti, Schildt, and (vaulting out of the 17th century into the 21st), Jacques van Oortmerssen. There'll be music of the spheres, the calls of birds, and the quintessential song of (human) praise, the Magnificat, in this program exploring "The Organ's Magnificent Worlds."


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