This Friday, March 1: Salon with Theodora Serbanescu-Martin

Extreme Pianism: The Technologies, Gimmicks, and Aesthetics of Nineteenth-Century Virtuosity

Salon with Theodora Serbanescu-Martin, Friday March 1, 5pm at A.D. White House

PhD candidate Theodora Serbanescu-Martin presents her research on the physical, psychological, and pedagogical means through which virtuosity at the keyboard was inculcated during the nineteenth century. The salon will feature Henri Herz’s “dactylion,” including short performed excerpts from Méthode complete de piano, Op. 100 and 100 Exercises pour l’employ du dactylion by Herz, Méthode de méthodes, Op. 98 by Moscheles, Piano Studies by Wieck, Technische Studien, S. 146 by Liszt, 51 Übungen by Brahms, Etude Op. 9 by Sophie Menter, and Etude Op. 39, no. 1 by Charles-Valentin Alkan, among others.

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Theodora's portrait photo